Web Hosting for Beginners

So you just created your first website? Congratulations!

Now, in order to make your site available to the rest of the world, you will need to get it "hosted" —that is, you will need to find a "hosting company" or "web host" that will put your HTML pages on a computer that has a permanent connection to the Internet (a so-called "web server").


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However, as you start to look for a company that can help you, and as you try to compare various "hosting packages" that are offered, you will likely come across many unfamiliar terms and expressions.

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to the basic concepts and terminology of web hosting, so that you can understand and compare the offerings of prospective web hosts, and ask intelligent questions when something isn't clear. (This, in turn, should help you find a hosting package that fits both your needs and your budget.)

Suggested Reading Order

If you are already familiar with some of the material on this site, and you see one particular topic in the menu that you'd like to know more about, you can jump straight to it.

(We've tried to provide cross-links to related topics throughout the site, so that you can easily find related information if something isn't clear.)

If you are completely new to the wonderful world of web hosting, we suggest that you simply start with the first topic and work your way down to the last.

Intended Audience

It should be clear by now that the information on this site is meant for people who are relatively new to the Internet; it does not try to teach you how to start your own web hosting company...

So if you happen to be an Internet guru who does "MX records" for lunch and "cron jobs" for dinner, you'll notice that we tried to keep things relatively simple, in the interest of clarity!