Mortgage for Beginners

The purpose of this site is to provide you with useful and objective mortgage information*.

If you are completely new to mortgages, you may want to start out with the section on mortgage basics, and if you come across unfamiliar terms, you may want to look up their meaning in our mortgage glossary.

Next, you could compare and contrast fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, read about reverse mortgages and special situation loans (such as 80-10-10 loans, balloon loans and 125% loans), or find out more about home equity loans and refinancing.

The site also contains a section on government and legal aspects of mortgages, some mortgage tips and advice, a collection of links to additional mortgage resources, and two mortgage calculators.

We're currently adding a small directory of companies that may be able to help you find a mortgage in various cities, starting with New York home mortgage and Houston refinance specialists.

Enjoy your stay!

* Don't forget to read our DISCLAIMER: it contains important information!

Note: A Dutch version of this site (an adaptation, rather than a literal translation) is available as Hypotheek voor beginners.