Dutch for Beginners: Transportation

Here are some words that are used to talk about transportation in Dutch:

Transport Transportation
Auto Car
Boot; schip Boat; ship
Fiets Bicycle
Trein Train
Vliegtuig Airplane
File Traffic jam
Snelweg Freeway
Spitsuur, spits Rush hour, peak hour
Station (Railroad) station
Vliegveld Airport
Enkeltje, enkele reis One-way ticket
Retourtje Round-trip
Autoverzekering Auto insurance
Inhalen To pass, overtake
Kenteken License plate
Kentekenbewijs Registration certificate
Maximumsnelheid Speed limit
Ongeluk Accident
Rijbewijs Driver's license
Voorrang Right of way, priority
Wegenwacht cf. AAA road service
Fietsen To ride a bicycle
Rijden To drive
Varen To sail
Vliegen To fly