Dutch for Beginners: Flowers

Here are the names of several popular flowers in Dutch:

Bloemen Flowers
Anemoon Anemone
Anjer Carnation
Aster Aster
Begonia Begonia
Chrysant Chrysanthemum
Dahlia Dahlia
Fresia Freesia
Fuchsia Fuchsia
Gladiool Gladiolus
Hyacint Hyacinth
Iris Iris
Jasmijn Jasmine; mock orange
Lavendel Lavender
Lelie Lily
Lis Iris, flag
Madeliefje Daisy
Margriet Marguerite
Narcis (wit) Daffodil (white)
Narcis (geel) Narcissus (yellow)
Orchidee Orchid
Papaver Poppy
Roos Rose
Tulp Tulip
Viooltje Violet

(As you'll probably agree, most flower names in Dutch aren't too hard to recognize!)