Dutch for Beginners

Dutch is the mother tongue of over 21 million people: almost all of the inhabitants of The Netherlands, about half of the people living in Belgium (those living in Flanders or "Vlaanderen"), and many inhabitants of former Dutch colonies like Suriname. The objective of this website is to provide you with some basic knowledge of Dutch.

Once you've mastered the material presented on the site, you should be able to read simple texts written in Dutch.

You should also have a solid foundation for continued studies, should you decide to pursue them!

If you have had no previous exposure whatsoever to Dutch, we suggest that you start by looking at the mini-grammar. It covers the verbs to be and to have, as well as several other regular and irregular verbs.

If you already have some basic knowledge, you could start by expanding your vocabulary, and use the mini-grammar for reference purposes.

We hope you will enjoy your stay. Please don't forget to bookmark us, and if you like our site, please link to us!