Writing a Great Personal Ad or Profile (Part 2 of 2)

(Continued from Writing a Personal Ad)

Words and phrases to avoid (even if they do seem like a good idea at the time) are well hung, great in bed, I'd love to satisfy you, sexually insatiable, animal, great lover, make love, erotic, uninhibited and any other sexual connotations.

Also make sure to check your profile for spelling and grammar mistakes as that is one way people tend to judge a profile. You don't want to appear illiterate even if the mistakes are just the result of being a one-fingered typist.

Although profiles and ads are created to impress other people, do your best not to create a false impression:

Don't lie about your height, weight or other matters. Don't say you are interested in the stock market to attract a rich man or that you are interested in raves to attract a young girl. If you have children, say so in the ad. Be yourself and see what the universe sends your way. Believe it or not, there are people out there who will probably like you for what you are, not who you think they think you should be.

Personal ads and profiles are not the place to write bitter or sarcastic remarks or make excuses for being single. It is assumed by the reader that the past is over and done with and that you are posting this profile or ad in order to make a fresh start with someone new.

It is also traditional to include a bit of information about what kind of person you are hoping will respond to your ad. An example would be "I am looking for a cultured, well-educated man who enjoys drives in the countryside and going to the movies." It also helps to state whether or not you are looking for friendship, a casual relationship or a marriage partner. It is a good idea not to overdo this particular section because if you set down too many requirements you may limit yourself in terms of potential mates.

It is up to you to whether or not you want to post a photo to augment your profile or personal ad. Internet dating experts say that posting a photo can increase the response rate to your ad by at least ten times. It is human nature for others to want to see with whom exactly they are about to begin a correspondence. Also if you don't have a picture, there is the risk that others may ignore your profile because they think you are hiding something about yourself. If you don't have a photo it is OK to give them an idea of what you look like by dropping the name of a celebrity that you closely resemble.

Remember to post your best photos and write the most charming and accurate ad that you can. Remember, this first impression may be your only chance to attract a soul mate.