Surviving the Second Date (Part 1 of 2)

Dating experts say that by the time the first drink has been served on the first date, the man has usually decided whether or not he wants to take the woman out for a second date. If you've been asked out more than once, realize that your fate was decided long before the man decided to make that second phone call.

The second date can be considered a second chance to make a second impression, only this time, both of you can loosen up a little. The second date can be more about fun and getting to know each other a little more intimately.

You can never go wrong by keeping it simple and just going to a dinner or a movie. However taking a more imaginative approach may enhance your partner's passion for you.

Bring out your partner's "child within" by treating her to a trip to an amusement park complete with cotton candy and cozy rides on the Ferris wheel. Or invite her for an old fashioned picnic in your own back yard. Make her laugh by taking her to a comedy club or a zoo. Take a trip to China town to sample Chinese food or invite her along on a trip to scour the countryside for flea and antique markets.

If you found that on your first date you were very attracted to each other, but because of shyness it was difficult to talk, you might want to turn the date into an activity such as horse-back riding or building a snowman together. Dates that are projects actually spare you both the awkwardness of having to entertain each other.

A woman should always ask a man where they are headed on the second date so she can dress appropriately for the occasion. There is nothing worse than putting on a designer outfit, only to find yourself sitting on the bleachers at a football game. When in doubt, dress casually but smartly and wear sensible shoes (just in case he suggests a romantic trek through the muddy woods.) The most important thing on any date is that you feel confident - not to mention comfortable. No matter how fantastic you look, you'll never be able to truly dazzle a guy if what you're really concentrating on is sucking in your tummy so that you don't look fat in your cocktail dress.

The man should always bring the woman flowers on the second date, the same way he hopefully did on the first date. A box of chocolates, bottle of wine, a plant or some other memento are also suitable gifts to bring along to a second date. Save expensive gifts such as jewelry or clothing for when you get to know her better.

The second date is your big chance... [Continued: Second Date 2]