Blind Dating (Part 1 of 2)

Blind dating is only recommended for people who have a sense of humor and who have confidence in themselves to handle any situation that might come along. It is not recommended for control freaks, anxious personalities or individuals that don't handle disappointment or rejection well. If you fear going on a blind date, then don't.

However if you are the type that likes adventure and a lot of faith in human beings, then you should have no trouble meeting someone in this way.

Many fear a blind date because they fear that something will go horribly wrong or that they will be made fun or that they will spend all night at the mercy of a psychotic stranger. This does not have to be the case. Avoiding disappointment on a first blind date is easier than it seems.

First of all it is recommended that you avoid dates that are completely "blind". Trade emails and talk on the phone with the individual first. Do as much research as you can about the person without being too nosy. Watch out for warning signs in their language and the content of their conversation. For instance, if they talk about the bar fight they were in last night and how many times they have broken their nose, you might want to consider the possibility that your date is violent. Stay away from people who talk too much about their ex partners (especially if it is in a bitter or resentful way). Also avoid people who talk about their addictions, alcoholism or last case of domestic abuse.

If the blind date was set up for you by a friend, make sure to get references and opinions from your mutual circle of friends.

When arranging where to meet, make sure it is in a very public place. Pick somewhere comfortable, but busy such as a popular restaurant or bar. Don't invite the person to your home and don't agree to go to his or her home.

This is not the time to suggest a highly unusual excursion, such as a trip to the amusement park or a hang-gliding. Keep your activities together as temperate and casual as possible. It is also not the occasion to suggest trying an exotic cuisine or unfamiliar food.

Although blind dates are all about creating a good first impression, that doesn't mean that you should go overboard when it is time to dress up. Remember that if you intend to see this person again that you might have to keep up the facade if you decided to present yourself as the type that wears high-heels and a power suit full-time.

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